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British Police Hunt Bombers

British police seized explosives at the home of a suspect on Saturday in the hunt for neo-Nazi bombers who have killed two people in a string of London blasts.

A police spokesman said the explosives were found in an early morning swoop at Cove south of London, about eight hours after a blast ripped through a gay pub in the capital's teeming Soho entertainment district.

CBS News Correspondent Mark Phillips reports that two people were killed and at least 70 others wounded in Friday's explosion, the third and most devastating nail bomb attack on minority communities in London in two weeks.

A shadowy, neo-Nazi group called White Wolves claimed responsibility for Friday's explosion in the Admiral Duncan, a gay pub overflowing with drinkers celebrating the balmy start of a three-day weekend.

The White Wolves are believed to be an even more radical sect that splintered off from Combat 18, the group that said it planted the previous two bombs - April 17 in the south London neighborhood of Brixton, and April 24 in the largely Bangladeshi community of Brick Lane. Authorities said 115 people have been injured in the three bombings.

Although the Irish Republican Army killed about 120 people and injured thousands during its 23 years of bombings in England aimed at ending British rule in Northern Ireland, the outlawed group always provided some form of warning before its devices went off.

All the White Wolves' "high command" provided were identical stencilled death threats sent to members of the Jewish, black and Asian communities in recent weeks, saying in part:

"Notice is hereby given that all non-whites (defined by blood, not religion) must permanently leave the British Isles before the year is out. Jews and non-whites who remain after 1999 has ended will be exterminated."

Authorities arrested five people beginning on Friday in the attacks, but four were ruled out as suspects, Deputy Police Commissioner David Veness told reporters Saturday.

"Combustible materials" were found in the fifth suspect's home in Cove, southwest of London, according to a senior officer from Scotland Yard's anti-Terrorist Branch, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The officer also confirmed the suspect appeared to be the same white man shown in video footage released Thursday by police, who said it depicted their chief suspect in the Brixton attack.

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