Bridezilla Calls for Backup, Men Fight, Mannequins Fly and Shirts Come Off

LATHRUP VILLAGE, Mich. (CBS/AP) An unsatisfied bride called for backup after a store owner refused to alter her dress. The result? A bridal brawl between two families, and it's all caught on tape.

The incident began when an unidentified bride had a dispute over her bridal gown between the First Lady Bridal Shop employees and owner, Hekmat Putruss. The next day, she came back asking for alterations and Putruss refused and asked her to leave.

"You don't know who I am. (I'll) call my husband to come and kill you," the owner claimed the bride said. "We'll teach everybody here a lesson." The owner then put the store on lockdown and called the police.

A friend of the bride who was still in the store, then opened the door and a group of men stormed inside, reported WJBK-TV.

Store cameras caught the whole fight on tape. Putruss was shoved into his showcase and thrown on the ground. His son, now shirtless, was hit and shoved as well. The worst part is the owner's wife, Salwa, was slapped in the face and spit on by one of the men.

The three Detroit-area relatives Thamir Mikhail, Nashwan Petros and Nameer Kastaw, charged with assault after the March 2 fight, claim they are the victims.

Nameer Kastaw, a family member of the bride said, "Her son came and attacked us, waving his hand on us and everything, and we were pushed back, actually," said Nameer Kastaw. "I had to restrain him." He told WJBK, "Really, we got assaulted. We did not assault (anybody). We got assaulted, and that's all I can say."