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Boxer: 'Desperate' McCain Resorting To 'political Theater'

Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer accused Sen. John McCain of engaging in “political theater" after McCain announced Wednesday he is suspending campaign activities in order to return to Washington and work on proposed bailout legislation.

“The American people expect their president to be calm in a crisis, not engaging in political theater, which is what John McCain is doing today,” Boxer said in a statement.

“He is desperate to change the subject - everyone knows that a deregulation fever led to this crisis and John McCain helped lead the way.”

But Boxer didn’t stop there, hammering McCain for calling for a suspension of Friday night’s presidential debate.

“This is certainly the right time for the American people to see these two candidates talk about the serious challenges our country faces both here and around the world.”

“We need a president who can handle more than one challenge at a time. In life, when times get tough, you don't get time-outs.”

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