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Bowe Bergdahl reveals what he wants to do next

Former U.S. prisoner of war Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl plans to leave the Army and go to college after the investigation into his disappearance is over
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Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl plans to get out of the Army and pursue a college education once the investigation into his disappearance is completed, his lawyer told CBS News.

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In a phone interview Tuesday, attorney Gene Fidell said that his client feels like he is in a holding pattern and wants to get on with his life.

On Tuesday, the Army said that its senior leadership had been informed that the Army investigator, Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dahl, felt that he has further work to do and will now likely submit his report in September.

"As the investigating officer works through this final stage, it is possible that he will have to follow up on issues that may require additional witness interviews," the Army said in a statement.

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Bergdahl's attorney said that he understood that Dahl needed more than the allotted 60 days to complete the investigation. Fidell told CBS News that the delay may in fact be helpful because the government will be able to assemble more information, which he believes may help his client.

"If it's not soup yet, it's not soup, and the only person who can make that determination is Major General Dahl," Fidell told CBS News.

Former military prosecutor Eugene Fidell is n... 02:16

Dahl is charged with establishing the facts behind Bergdahl's 2009 disappearance from a military post in Afghanistan.

His release from nearly five years in Taliban captivity ended in May, after President Obama decided to swap him for five prisoners held in a Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

Dahl read him his rights in early August at the start of questioning regarding the circumstances of his disappearance. Several soldiers who served with Bergdahl accused him of voluntarily abandoning his post, which could result in desertion charges.

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