Book Flies Behind Obama at Rally

A book is seen flying behind President Obama at a rally in Philadelphia. The Secret Service says the tosser meant no harm.
A book was tossed in the direction of President Obama as he was waving to the crowd Sunday after a campaign speech in Philadelphia.

It didn't hit him but did fly behind him.

The Secret Service says it was aware of the incident when it happened.

A spokesman says the book was thrown by an "over-exuberant" individual who wanted Obama to have a copy of a book he had written.

The Secret Service says it interviewed the book thrower and deemed there was no threat - just bad judgment on his part. No arrest was made and the Service declined to give his name.

At the same rally, a streaker was arrested. Apparently, the nude man was trying to win $1 million in a publicity stunt for a website.

The streaker wasn't involved in the book throwing, says the Secret Service.

CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor told the story on "The Early Show":