Bonaduce Trashes Lohan's Parents

Former child star and current radio host and recovering addict Danny Bonaduce on "The Early Show" 042710
Danny Bonaduce says Lindsay Lohan's parents are "vile" and see only dollar signs when they look at her.

Amid a report by Lara Spencer of "The Insider" that Lohan is badly abusing prescription medications and that her father, Michael Lohan, may seek to legally intervene in her affairs to force her to get help, Bonaduce sounded convinced of the former but hardly the latter.

On "The Early Show" Tuesday, the radio host and former child star, himself a recovering addict, blasted both Michael Lohan and Lindsay's mother, Dina Lohan, who's said to feel Lindsay is doing alright.

"Michael Lohan (also a recovering addict, who's spent time in jail, and is now six years clean and sober) is a criminal and a thug. I don't believe that either of those parents see a child when they look at their daughter. I think they see a big bag of money. I think, in a family portrait, you see Mr. and Mrs. Lohan, the family dog, the sister and a sack full of money in a Girl Scout outfit. I don't believe that they care about her anywhere but financial financially."

Would rehab help Lindsay?

"Rehabs," Bonaduce replied, "have a national record of a 96 percent failure record. If you want her off drugs for real, handcuff her and -- it's very difficult to do drugs with your hands chained behind your back. Let's stop playing around with these kids. If you don't want the kid to die, put her in jail with her hands tied behind her back. Everybody says there's all these drugs in jail -- and there are drugs in jail -- but believe me, they're not real easy to come by, especially if you're Lindsay Lohan."

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Bonaduce says, as you're in the throes of addiction, "You almost never think you're going to die. As a matter of fact, I know plenty of people, because I went to my meetings and rehab, I quit drugs, I know lots of people addicted to drugs and almost everybody's been talked out of it. I think the sad part is I have such a distaste for the Lohans that you got remember Elvis Presley made $55 million last year. She's not done making money if she happens to pass away. And I personally, and this is just my opinion, think these two are vile enough to go, Plan B is, if she passes away, let's make Lindsay clocks."

Bonaduce had a sobering warning, saying a list some radio hosts use to prepare for their shows called "the dead pool. I spent four years on number one as the next celebrity to die. I'm now No. 63. Lindsay's one."

He says he's seen Lindsay at her worst. "I said that I had seen her drinking and falling down, all these things. People thought I was hanging out with Lindsay Lohan. We just happened to be in the same places. Lindsay happens to vomit in some of the very nicest clubs in Los Angeles. But I've seen her, yeah, I've seen her fall down, I've seen her fall, get into the driver's seat of a car and somebody thank god had the wherewithal to pull her out of the car and put her into the back seat. Had they not, not only is Lindsay going to kill herself, there's very good chance she's gonna wipe out a little family on her way home."

Bonaduce added a somber note, saying he only did the interview "because I actually believe she was the one that had talent. She should have made it. The rest of us, we were cute once and we grew out of it. She could have been a real star and I hope she gets it together."