Boehner on Obama: We understand each other

John Boehner
John Boehner said on CBS This Morning of President Obama: We understand each other.

(CBS News) House Speaker John Boehner thinks President Obama has "checked out" of the legislative process, but he told "CBS This Morning" co-host Charlie Rose that he remains ready to work with the president.

"The American people expect us to find enough common ground to move the ball down the field to address America's challenges," the speaker said, adding that he's told the president, "Whether it's his idea or my idea that would be good for our country, I'd be there to support it."

Boehner said he has a cordial personal relationship with Mr. Obama -- they've played golf together and have had drinks together, for instance. "The president and I understand each other pretty well," he said. "We get along fine, it's just we disagree."

The speaker, who grew up in a large family that owned a bar, said he learned everything he needed to know for his current role from his childhood. Along with mopping floors, washing dishes and tending bar, he said, that meant "learning to deal with every character who walks through the door."