Boehner: 2012 election is all about economics

(CBS News) In the presidential race, Mitt Romney was endorsed Tuesday by the highest-ranking Republicans in Congress: House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Later, Boehner sat down with "CBS This Morning" anchor Charlie Rose, who asked the Speaker what Romney needs to do going forward.

Rose: Does he need to sort of reset his campaign? Does he need to get together and say to himself and to people he has and to you and to the leadership in the Senate, "I want to take this opportunity to redefine myself because many Americans have not focused on this campaign"?

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Boehner: That's pretty hard to do, but after any primary there's always a little retooling, always some adjustments. You have a different opponent. I think you'll see some new things out of this campaign.

Rose: Like what?

Boehner: A real focus on what the election is going to be about: economics, economics, economics.

You can see more of Charlie's interview with Speaker Boehner first thing tomorrow on "CBS This Morning."