Body Organs For Sale

An investigation is underway in Mexico following the broadcast of a sensational documentary allegedly showing a Mexican priest negotiating the sale of a kidney for about $1 million.

Mexican broadcaster Televisa 2 aired what it said were exclusive scenes from the film made by Antenna 3 in Spain. It was shown in Spain on Monday and in Mexico on Tuesday.

In one scene, two Spanish reporters using hidden cameras, posed as potential buyers of organs, and filmed a Mexican priest called Friar Martin who agreed to find them a kidney.

"I can't promise as it will be difficult in this country ... but there are, (kidneys available)," he said. "It's not so easy ... one can end up in jail ... it's a very delicate issue," he added.

The clips also showed a doctor at the Santa Fe Hospital in an affluent neighborhood of the Mexican capital apparently agreeing on film to participate in the selling of the kidney, for which a price of $900,000 was agreed.

The Mexican health ministry issued a statement saying it was investigating allegations of a link between the hospital and human organ traffic. So far authorities haven't discovered any irregularity.

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