Bobbi Brown sits for Charlie Rose's "first interview about makeup"


(CBS News) Makeup maven, Bobbi Brown started her company focused on one simple idea: women want more natural makeup. The company is now part of Estée Lauder but Brown retains creative control and she is now out with a new book of stories to inspire confidence in women, called "Pretty Powerful." The beauty entrepreneur joined "CBS This Morning" to discuss the book and her career.

Brown agreed with "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King that "women feel insecure about themselves." "And it's so important to feel good about who you are," she said before adding, "I do think all women can be beautiful without makeup, I really, really do."

Describing her makeup credo today, she said "It's about not looking tired, fresher, prettier...I never say the word younger...we don't get younger, we get better!"

Touching on her roots in the business, Brown said "When I started doing makeup in the 80's, it was all artificial...I always made my models look natural and pretty but there was no makeup on the market that actually let a woman do that."

For more on how Brown got her start and managed to retain creative control after selling to a big company -- and, for Charlie Rose's take on his first-ever "interview about makeup" -- watch the video above.