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Blunt Reaches Out To Democrats

House Minority Whip Roy Blunt is reaching to House Democratic leaders, hoping to reignite talks on the bailout bill. 

Blunt said he reached out to House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Rep. Barney Frank  by phone Monday afternoon after the bailout failed to pass.

Blunt said he has also reached out to Senate Republicans to plot the way forward.

In the meantime, Blunt said, lawmakers can watch the markets react to their vote. "It's a risky thing for Congress to do," Blunt said. 

Blunt said he was concerned about tweaking the legislation, fearful that adding anything to entice more votes might prompt others to oppose it.

"On the minority side, you don't have many tools" to encourage reluctant lawmakers to back the vote, Blunt said.

He said he thought Republicans would get 75 yes votes when he walked to the floor, and he told Democrats that.

In a brief session with reporters after the vote, Blunt remained fairly bipartisan. Asked what, if any, impact Pelosi's speech had, "This is one of those deals where it doesn't take much to push you off the bubble." 

Patrick O'Connor contributed to this report