Blogging From Air Force One

We have a new White House news blogger--the president's press secretary, Dana Perino. And it's good stuff. Trip Notes From the Middle East began when President Bush took off for his current trip to the Middle East. And unlike the usual press release kind of stuff her office puts out, the blog is both newsy and colorful.

For example, in one, she talks about life on Air Force One on primary night. "There's always a lot of activity on the flight over--some people read briefing papers, work on last-minute logistical issues, suggest edits to the president's remarks and others, like me, stake out territory to get some sleep on the overnight flight," she pens. "We ate dinner while watching the New Hampshire primary returns come in but I fell asleep before the networks called the Democratic primary." And when Perino awoke "at 2:30 AM EST" to read the news clips, she didn't mention anything about the elections. It's not just words. There are some cool behind-the-scene pictures, too. Go, girl!

By Paul Bedard