Billionaire Helps Raise Millions For Clinton

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

SAN FRANCISCO -- Hillary Clinton's visit to the Golden State today was most certainly that, as she raked in over $1 million at a fund-raiser with multi-billionaire Warren Buffett of Omaha-based Berkshire-Hathaway.

Clinton and Buffett took the stage at the grand ballroom at the San Francisco Hilton to a standing ovation, despite being over an hour late. Both then sat on the stage before a banner which read "Ready to Lead:"

The event was billed as a "Conversation with Warren Buffett" where Clinton asked pre-written questions from audience members to Buffett on a variety of economic issues. But Clinton didn't miss a beat, knowing that sitting before this crowd of 1,200 or so potential voters she had to inject her campaign talking points.

After hearing a long detailed answer from Buffett on derivatives, for example, Clinton would add a bit from her usual stump speech about Americans facing the current housing crunch.

Although Buffett has not endorsed Clinton, he has hosted several fundraisers for her. He has also hosted a fund-raiser for her Democratic opponent, Barack Obama.

At one point Clinton asked Buffett about tax disparity, to which he said jokingly, "It is a marvelous, marvelous time to be super rich," referring to the Bush Administration's tax cuts for the wealthiest of Americans.