Bill Clinton Will Campaign for Obama "Whenever He Asks"

From CBS News' Jamie Farnsworth:

(New York) In his first press conference since releasing a written statement through his spokesperson in support of Barack Obama's candidacy, former President Bill Clinton said he would campaign with his wife's former opponent "whenever he asks."

"We had a good talk and he said he wanted me to campaign with him and I said I was eager to do so," Clinton said at a press conference to announce his foundation's breakthrough on Malaria drug prices.

Clinton pointed out that Sen. Obama is currently gearing up for his overseas trip.

"He is busier than I am on politics anyway," Clinton said. "I just told him whenever he wanted to do it, I was ready, so it is basically on their timetable."

The former president was also asked for his reaction to the Jesse Jackson gaffe, in which the reverend used the N-word during a break in a Fox News TV interview.

"He was big enough to quickly apologize and if all of us lived on live mics then 100 percent of us in this room would be embarrassed from time to time," Clinton said. "He's a good man and he did what he could to make it right."

Clinton added, "I think Senator Obama accepted his apology. I think it's over."

Asked if he would speak at the Democratic Convention in Denver, Clinton said, "I have actually given no thought to it one way or another."