Bill Clinton To Iowans: "It Is In Your Hands"

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

MT. PLEASANT, IOWA -- After a two day break for the holidays, and with just 8 days left for the Iowa caucus, Hillary Clinton was back on the campaign trail in full force accompanied by her husband and her daughter, Chelsea. The former President introduced his wife hoping to make the case that she is the best candidate to win in November.

"If you will caucus for her and you will nominate her, I believe she will be elected and I am positive if she is, she will be a magnificent President."

At one point Mr. Clinton went on to tell supporters "It is in your hands, you will never have a better chance to do a good deed for your country, for your children and your grandchildren's future."

An overstatement? Maybe. Necessary at this point in the race? More than likely.

The main reason for the campaign's dire approach and sense of urgency is that the contest in Iowa remains a dead heat with most polls showing Clinton in a statistical tie with Barack Obama and former John Edwards.

Despite being in a tight race, Mrs. Clinton opted not to attack any of her opponents directly. Rather, the former First Lady kept to her well rehearsed stump speech.

Hundreds of supporters came out to the Mount Pleasant Community High School and waited hours for Clinton to take the stage (Clinton's private jet was delayed taking off from New York this morning due to air traffic congestion, according to the campaign).

The former First Lady spoke for 30 minutes where she continued to lay out a laundry list of accomplishments dating as far back to her years as a law student at Yale University, all of which, Clinton argues, amounts to her having the necessary experience to be President.

"I want you to ask yourself who will be the best President?" Clinton asked. "Who can use experience, qualifications and contacts and ideas and plans to get us moving together again?"

Mrs. Clinton made the case to voters that the stakes are high in this election.

So much so that she went on to say that Iowans have "an awesome responsibility" in helping choose the next president and that their single vote could influence the lives of millions of people.

"You see," said Clinton "this responsibility is one that connects you to literally thousands and even millions of people that you'll never know, and they won't know you, but you'll be there for them."