Bill and Melinda Gates: The $60 Billion Donation

How do you give away $60 billion? Scott Pelley spent time with Bill and Melinda Gates, the world's richest couple, who pledged their fortune to help those in need

Bill & Melinda Gates: $60 Billion Donation 04:12

What's it like to hang out with Bill and Melinda Gates? "60 Minutes" correspondent Scott Pelley knows. He spent time with the Gates at their foundation in Washington state and traveled to India with Melinda, where some of the Gates' fortune is providing medicine and vaccines that might literally save millions of lives.

One of the things "60 Minutes Overtime" found most intriguing is the promise Bill and Melinda have made to their three children about their inheritance. Are the kids going to be okay? (Yes.)

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For this week's Correspondent Candid, "60 Minutes Overtime" Editor Ann Silvio asks Scott Pelley to help us understand Bill and Melinda's relationship and unusual life at home. It's a family where being described as "numeric" is a high compliment.

Pelley has some amusing stories to share: what do you say when the world's richest couple shows up for their interview in matching outfits? And some not so amusing moments as well, such as when Pelley was attacked by a rabid dog while shooting a stand up for his story. What some correspondents won't go through for a great "60 Minutes" piece!

Get to know Bill and Melinda and then tell us what you think.