"Big Brother" House Votes to Evict Andrew

Andrew Gordon of Big Brother 12
Andrew Gordon, the 39-year-old podiatrist from Miami, Fla., is the latest houseguest sent walking from the "Big Brother" house on Thursday night.

Big Brother 12

Gordon was evicted by a vote of 8-0, but it's not that he didn't give an effort to stay in the game. He played the last card he had left in an effort to divert the attention away from himself. He gave a straight-forward speech to the rest of the housemates in hopes that someone else would gain the vote for eviction:

"There's someone else in this house that has a stronger relationship, they have a romantic relationship it's Kristen and Hayden and you need help to get this relationship out," he said. "They've said bad things about people. Brittany, unfortunately, she does not like the way that you talk. Regan, she thinks she has you in her pocket and she's going to control you. Enzo, the things they said about your intelligence was wrong. I'm here, I want to take them out, that's the reason that you need me in the house."

He was labeled an outcast and despite a last minute Hail Mary to try and sway the voting jury of his peers, he could not click his heels to remain under "Big Brother" roof. Though things may not have worked out so well for him, Andrew wouldn't change a thing about the tactics he played.

"As you said I left with a good bang," Gordon told Julie Chen during an interview shortly after the eviction. For the rest of the interview, and to see Andrew's journey from the beginning to his eviction,check out the videos below: