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Biden: "We Are On The Cusp Of A New Brand Of Leadership"

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(LEE'S SUMMIT, MO.) - "Thirty seven more hours!" shouted Joe Biden to a crowd of a thousand Missourians in Lee's Summit this morning.

"I understand that this town's name comes from the fact that it's the highest point between Kansas City and St. Louis. And from this vantage point, you get a pretty good view. And there's one thing I can see clearly, see very clearly – it is change is on the way!"

Vowing to restore the middle class and regain America's leadership in the world, Biden assured voters were one day away from making those goals a reality.

"Folks, for too many families, people who played by the rules, the American dream is literally, they see it slipping from their grasp. And ladies and gentlemen, that's why I believe with a greater degree of confidence than I've ever had before that we are on the cusp of a new brand of American leadership because that's what we need, a new brand of American leadership," said Biden.

"Because folks, if we want to answer all those questions being raised around that kitchen table, we need to get out and elect Barack Obama president of the United States tomorrow!"

Introduced by Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., and Biden's wife, Jill, Biden told supporters that his opponents would not offer anything fundamentally different than the policies of President Bush.

"John McCain will not bring -- his record does not show -- his campaign has demonstrated there will be no real change."

Biden denounced the robo-calls and negatives attacks on Barack Obama's character, saying, "They're calling Barack Obama every name in the book. But ladies and gentlemen, listen to me closely. Tomorrow night they'll have to call Barack Obama something else. The 44th president of the United States of America!"

On McCain's position on economic matters, Biden said the Republican nominee "is fundamentally wrong."

McCaskill told the crowd that Obama had showed the right judgment in picking Biden, who she said was qualified to be president himself. Without mentioning Sarah Palin's name, McCaskill said, "Let's just say John McCain did not."

Biden mocked the McCain-Palin ticket, saying "I kinda love it - I like it when people self-identify themselves. And John McCain and Sarah Palin stand up there, and I love watching them when I get back to my hotel late at night and I turn on the TV and they say 'Hey Maverick!' 'Hey Maverick!' 'We're the Mavericks!'"

Biden laughed, adding "Give me a break, I mean. You know, 'Mavericks.'"

"One more night Joe!" shouted a woman in the crowd.

And while he criticized the GOP presidential ticket, Biden said that change could not be made in the country without the help of Republicans.

"This can't be a Democratic solution. We need Republicans in the Congress to join us. We need to bring this country back together."

Biden campaigns in Ohio this afternoon before holding his final rally of the campaign season tonight in Philadelphia with Jimmy Rollins and members of the 2008 World Series champions, the Philadelphia Phillies.

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