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Biden Camp: "You'd Think A Lot Of Things About McCain"

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(TITUSVILLE, FLA.) - While the John McCain campaign spent the better part of the day using a statement Joe Biden made to say the Barack Obama camp was going to "amend" their tax plan, Biden's staff says they're not surprised.

Some background: Speaking to WNEP in Scranton last night, Biden said "[An] $87 billion tax break doesn't need to go to people making an average of 1.4 million, it should go like it used to. It should go to middle class people - people making under $150,000 a year."

The McCain campaign interpreted Biden's statement to mean he was shrinking Obama's pledge to cut taxes for those making under $250,000 down by a hundred grand. McCain attacked the statement today, his campaign held a conference call, and RNC emails came out with prognostications from Joe the Plumber.

The Obama campaign shot back, with Biden spokesperson David Wade calling the attack a "load of hooey," and said Biden had picked a number at random to point out just one of many income levels deserving of a tax break.

Asked if he thought McCain's people could have come up with something more damning in the last week of the campaign, Wade lit up, saying, "You'd think a lot of things! You'd think they'd vet their vice president! You'd think a McCain staffer wouldn't call Sarah Palin a 'whack job'. You'd think the Republican nominee wouldn't define wealthy as people who make five million dollars a year. You would think John McCain wouldn't have picked staff members that smeared him in 2000."

"The only thing that's been surprising the way Palin and his campaign have day after day contradicted his promise to run an honorable campaign, and that's been sadly surprising," said Wade.