Beyoncé Passes The Torch To Sister Solange

When you have a chart-topping superstar sister like Beyoncé, some might think that Solange Knowles would be leery about putting herself out there.

That's not the case at all.

Instead, Solange is embracing her talents and with an individual style different from Beyoncé, she is kicking off the release of her second album, "SoL - AngeL & The Hadley Street Dreams."

Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriquez sat down with Solange, Beyoncé and their mom, Tina Knowles to share their thoughts on Solange's newfound success as well as their unbreakable family bond. Solange also performed her hit song "I Decided" off her new album.

The album name was inspired by two things that make Solange who she is today. Her name, which means "angel of the sun" in French and Hadley Street where her father built his music compound where she began recording her music.

"This one is completely a reflection of me. It's definitely honest. I touch on things from across the board," Solange said. "Coming from a marriage and divorce and having a baby. It was a lot to write about."

Solange's success is more than OK with Beyoncé.

"It was always okay with me. And that's my baby," she gushed. "It brings me to tears. She has grown up so much and she's like my baby. And she's such an incredible songwriter, so creative and she's not afraid to be an individual and to speak her mind. She has had that star quality and that big presence even at 5."

The dynamic duo has been singing since they were little girls, making up dance routines, putting on shows and making guests pay to see them, Tina Knowles explained.

"They paid because they harassed them. They didn't want to see it in the first place. Nobody wanted to come to my house," Knowles joked.

According to Beyoncé, she has always been a little quieter and acted as her sister's protector, whereas Solange was always the one that just demanded the attention.

"She started dancing for Destiny's Child when she was 13. It was all adults on stage. No one knew, because she had so much heart, she was a kid," Beyoncé said.

Both Beyoncé and Solange credit their mother for their successes.

"My mother is the ultimate mother. She's instills so many values in my sister and I. She definitely has taught us the importance of the beauty from the inside. And she shows us by example," Beyoncé explained.

"I have that force around me at all times since day one so, the reassurance is beautiful," Solange said.

Taking after her mother, Solange is teaching Beyoncé a thing or two as well.

"She's nothing like me. She's teaching me to take a risk. And I'm trying to be like Solange," Beyoncé admitted.

Beyoncé is itching to do a duet with her sister, but that may not happen any time soon.

"My sister won't do a duet with me," Beyoncé said. "She's written a lot of the songs on my new album that's coming out, but I'd love to do a song with her and she's like, 'no.' She won't. Not yet. It's great, you have to respect it."

After hearing her sister's plea, Solange said that she would reconsider a duet in the future.

Rodriguez asked Beyoncé where she sees her sister and herself 10 years from now.

"I think my sister will be this amazing songwriter and continue to be an amazing performer," Beyoncé said. "And she's a mother first. So I'm sure by then, even though I'm in absolutely no rush, I'll have children and I'll be asking her all of the questions about parenting and we'll be just as close as we are now."