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Betty White - Oscars Host?

Betty White is hotter than ever - at age 88.

So hot, says CBS News Correspondent National Correspondent Jim Axelrod, she's the new "big get" among paparazzi - and Hollywood's new "it girl"!

And so hot, a Facebook page is pushing to her to be named host of the Oscars next year.

There's also a move afoot on Facebook to have White host the Emmys - but Jimmy Fallon already has that gig wrapped up for Aug. 29.

"She's having a senior moment, I guess you could say," observes Entertainment Weekly's Dalton Ross, "but it's her moment."

The "Saturday Night Live" she just hosted had the show's best ratings in a year-and-a-half -- 11 million viewers.

That comes on top of White's Super Bowl Snickers commercial -- widely deemed the best of the Super Bowl bunch.

She's won six Emmys, with two turns as a sitcom star - on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and again on "The Golden Girls."

But, says Axelrod, in her 70 years of show business, it's never been like this for White -- and who knows where it'll end?!

She's may also be getting the ultimate stamp of "couldn't be any hotter" status - "Dancing with the Stars" is said to want her.

ABC won't comment on casting rumors, and, as celebrity website Gossip Cop notes, in March, White told Larry King she had been asked in the past but, "Cloris (Leachman) did it and she did fine. So I think she's taken care of our age bracket."

Says publicist Howard Bragman, "I think the winner in all of this is TV Land," which starts airing "Hot in Cleveland" next month. It's an original sitcom starring White, Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, and Wendie Malick.

White was as modest as she it hot during a telephone interview on "The Early Show" Wednesday.

Of her "Saturday Night Live" success, White said, "Oh, my, listen -- this whole thing came out of left field. I said I was too scared to do it, no, I wouldn't do it. But, I - everybody's gonna start shooting arrows at me. They can't get rid of me. It's disgusting. If I'm as sick of Betty White as I am, I can imagine what the rest of the world is!"

Of the Facebook Oscars campaign, she remarked, "Oh, no, give me a break! That's gotta be a running joke!"

And, when asked if there's any scandal up her sleeve, like rehab or something, White joked, "Well, I make up as much as I can. But nobody buys it. There's something about being an old broad, they say, 'Oh, sure, sure, she's dreaming.' And I am!"

As for her favorite endeavor in her long career, White called it a tie between "Mary Tyler Moore" and "Gold Girls."

"I loved the people (on "Saturday Night Live"), they couldn't be nicer," White said. "But it's not that high on my list" of things she's done.

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