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Best Gifts in Movies and Music

Movies and music are great gift ideas for anyone on your list.

In the "Early Show" series, "Early Holiday Unwrapped", Dalton Ross, assistant editor of Entertainment Weekly magazine, and Bill Werde, editorial director of Billboard magazine gave suggestions to wow your loved ones with cinema and song.

According to Ross, DVDs are perfect for anyone on your list. They come in a variety of prices, from $20 for single discs to much more for boxed sets.

Holiday Gift Guide

Ross suggested the products below:

Boxed Sets: (Prices vary at most stores. These are from

"Gone With The Wind" 70th Anniversary (list price 62.92/Amazon 51.99)
• Over 13 hours of exciting extras about this timeless classic, including more than three hours never before on home video.
• New Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Presents "1939: Hollywood's Greatest Year"
• Documentary and "Gone with the Wind: The Legend Lives On Featurette,"
Plus the the Marvelous Emmy-Winning Telefilm Moviola: "The Scarlett O'Hara War" starring Tony Curtis and a delicious supporting cast in a dramatization of producer David O. Selznick's search for the actress who would play "Gone With the Wind"'s heroine.
• COLLECTIBLES: Commemorative Photo/Production Art Book

Paul Newman Tribute Collection (list price 89.98/Amazon price 46.49)
17 Discs Includes the films: "The Long Hot Summer," "Rally 'Round the Flag Boys," "From the Terrace," "Exodus," "The Hustler -- Collector's Edition Disc," "Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man," "What a Way To Go!," "Hombre," "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," "Towering Inferno," "Buffalo Bill and the Indians," "Quintet," and "The Verdict."

Collection includes an exclusive 136 page soft-bound book including:
Never-before-seen images of Paul Newman along with cast, crew and the film's set, excerpts from each film, personal quotes from Paul Newman.

"The 2000 Year Old Man": The Complete History (list price 59.98/Amazon 47.99)
Newly remastered for the 50th anniversary of the birth of "The 2000 Year Old Man," "The 2000 Year Old Man": The Complete History is a 3-CD / 1-DVD box set containing all five comedy albums released by Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, including "The 2000 Year Old Man in the Year 2000," for which they received a Grammy Award in 1998. The other albums included are "2000 Years With Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks," "2000 And One Years With Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks," "Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks At The Cannes Film Festival," and "Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks: 2000 And Thirteen."

The DVD features a brand-new exclusive interview with Reiner and Brooks discussing the history of the routine, the 1975 animated "2000 Year Old Man TV" special, and vintage clips of the two appearing on "The Ed Sullivan Show" and "The New Steve Allen Show." "The 2000 Year Old Man": The Complete History also includes extensive liner notes, rare photos and tributes from some of the biggest names in comedy. Contains all five 2000 Year Old Man" albums on three CDs as well as a 32-page book with rare photos and new essays by Dick Cavett and comedy historian Gerald Nachman.

"Ally McBeal" and "The Shield" complete TV Series
Ally McBeal is good for women (list price 199.98/Amazon 129.99). "The Shield" (list 159.95/Amazon 107.99) is good for men.

Suggestions for some of this year's biggest films:
Men: "Inglorious Basterds;" "District 9;" "Star Trek;" "The Hangover"
Women: "The Proposal;" "Julie & Julia;" "Mama Mia Special Edition Sing Along" DVD
Kids: "Pinnochio 7th Anniversary Platinum Edition" (Entertainmnet Weekly's No. 1 DVD of the year); "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince"; "Up!"

And if you've got music lovers in your life, Werde, of Billboard magazine, suggested a variety of gift ideas that might surprise you.

A unique gift, Werde said, is a collection of music-inspired wines. According to Werde, this is a great gift for music lovers who also just happen to love wine.

He said, "Who can resist a bottle of wine, especially with an iconic album cover as its label?"

This line of wines, from the Mendocino Wine Company in California, Werde said, is called "Wines That Rock." On "Th Early Show" he featured a collection that included a chardonnay, a merlot and a cabernet sauvignon. A three-pack of wine costs about $50. Individual bottles sell for $16.99.

Next Werde focused on a vintage music form: vinyl. Werde explained vinyl has slowly been making a comeback as a collector's item among mainstream music fans. He suggested for the last-minute shopper the new Broadway cast recording of the hit musical "Hair." Werde said the recording will wow music lovers and Broadway fans alike at just $50.

Another gift is the timeless music boxed set.

"You can never go wrong with box sets," Werde said. "What was once just a collection of an artist's most popular albums and songs has evolved into a multimedia extravanza with CDs, DVDs, books -- even T-shirts. It's stuff you won't get by downloading music digitally."

Werde shared these highlights from 2009:

For country fans, he suggested a Dolly Parton collection, simply titled "Dolly." The four-disc set contains some tracks she recorded when she was just 13 years old.

Also, Def Jam just celebrated their 25 year anniversary, so they've released a five-disc set called "Def Jam 25" with songs from some of their most well-known artists like Jay-Z, the Beastie Boys and Kayne West, along with some of the label's one-hit wonders. It comes with a limited edition Adidas T-shirt, celebrating Def Jam's 25 years.

Another rock set comes for the 10th anniversary of the debut album of Pearl Jam. "Ten" contains the original album on CD, a second CD with six bonus tracks, four vinyl LPs, a DVD of their MTV Unplugged concert, a book full of notes and drawings from band members, even a cassette featuring demo versions of "Alive" and "Once."

Fans of Old Blue Eyes might want to pick up the latest Frank Sinatra box set, titled "Sinatra: New York." This five-disc set is a collection of unheard live performances from 1955 to 1990. This set also contains a book full of pictures and tributes.

Hall and Oates, although they won't be recording any new material together any time soon, released a box set in October with some unreleased material and some live tracks.

Werde said these are "a must" for any fan of the duo.

As for the music lover who doesn't just want to listen, Werde said the AC/DC set just might fit the bill.

"For some box sets, it's all about the packaging," he said. "And this has to be one of the coolest box sets released yet - it's 'AC/DC's Backtracks.' In addition to CDs full of hard-to-find B-sides and live tracks, and a couple DVDs, it comes with a coffee table book, a vinyl record, even a guitar pick. And the best part? You can actually plug in and play your guitar. I'd say this one is well worth its $200 price tag."

Another hot item is a T-shirt from

Werde said it's an item that's harder to find than others, but it's "really cool."

Called the "Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt," it looks like a T-shirt with a picture of a guitar on it -- but you can actually play the guitar with your fingers. It comes with a mini-amp attached to the shirt, and a magnetic pick to strum with. The T-shirt costs $30, but unfortunately, due to high demand, Werde said the item is on backorder.

He added, "But I'm sure this is one gift some music lovers won't mind receiving after the holidays."

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