Ben Roethlisberger Update: DNA Request from Police in Assault Investigation

Milledgeville Police Chief Woodrow Blue at a press conference Monday.
AP/Erik S. Lesser
Milledgeville Police Chief Woodrow Blue at a press conference Monday. (AP/ Erik S. Lesser)

NEW YORK (CBS) Ben Roethlisberger's attorneys deny that he attacked a 20-year-old college student in a nightclub south of Atlanta March 5, but Milledgeville police have requested a DNA sample from the Super Bowl champ.

Milledgeville police Chief Woodrow Blue announced the latest development in the widely watched case at a news conference Monday afternoon at the Milledgeville City Hall. He was accompanied by Tom Davis, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent in charge of the case.

Blue said that thus far the Steelers' Quarterback's legal team has been cooperative, and he has no reason to believe they wouldn't comply with the DNA request.

A 20-year-old college student claims the two-time Super Bowl winner assaulted her Friday in the bathroom of a nightclub in Milledgeville, Ga., south of Atlanta. She reported the assault to a patrol officer outside the club and was immediately taken to a local hospital for an examination, according to the Milledgeville Union-Recorder.

Milledgeville police say they are also studying security videos from the club, a late-hours club popular with college students, in Milledgeville, Ga., about 100 miles southeast of Atlanta.

Roethlisberger was interviewed by police at the nightclub, but he was not charged with a crime and he was allowed to leave the state.

"The facts show that there was no criminal activity. No sexual assault occurred," Roethlisberger's Atlanta attorney Ed Garland said in a statement Monday. "Ben is completely innocent of any crime."

A bartender who is familiar with the accuser, told the Union-Recorder that the alleged victim was with Roethlisberger most of the night including stops at the Velvet Elvis and The Brick, two other local bars.

"It wasn't like he grabbed just some girl," said Scott Eady. "She was with him all night."

In the summer of 2009 another woman came forward alleging that Roethlisberger assaulted her in his Lake Tahoe, Nev. hotel room in 2008. He has denied the allegations and is fighting the suit.


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