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Bee Gees' Robin Gibb remembered by Tony Blair, Ringo Starr and others

Robin Gibb sings during the Energy Globe World award ceremony hosted by the European Parliament in Brussels April 11, 2007. Getty Images

(CBS/AP) One day after he succumbed to cancer, Bee Gee Robin Gibb was hailed in his native Britain Monday as a master musician whose interests went far beyond the recording studio.

The distinctive singer, who wrote and arranged numerous hits for other major artists, was also recognized for his work on behalf of British veterans and his interests in politics, history and the Titanic.

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Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, a longtime friend of Gibb, said the singer had a "wonderful open and fertile mind" and offered condolences to Gibb's widow, Dwina, and their family.

"Robin was not only an exceptional and extraordinary musician and songwriter, he was a highly intelligent, interested and committed human being," Blair said.

Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, whose band competed against the Bee Gees for top chart spots in the 1960s, praised Gibb's musical legacy.

"The Bee Gees from our era were quite important, especially the harmonies," Starr said Monday. "He had a great voice and they wrote great songs."

Here's what others said after Gibb's passing at the age of 62:

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