Be Realistic: How Attitude Can Boost Your Business

Last Updated Dec 2, 2008 2:08 PM EST

So you've returned to work after a relaxing holiday weekend. Unfortunately, the financial crisis is still upon us.

If your feeling glum this Monday, check out "How Attitude Can Build Your Business," an inspirational article on

Terry Brock, a Relationship Marketing consultant, reminds us that a negative attitude can be counter-productive. To Brock, "being realistic" means not just honestly evaluating the challenges ahead. It is equally important to remember all of the advantages we have as Americans.

Brock writes:

Think about it --- even in the midst of challenging situations, most of us are safe from disease, gunfire (literally), war, famine and many of the plagues that afflicted our ancestors. They would laugh --- heartily --- at us complaining that we had a "bad day" because we were delayed for 5 minutes in traffic. Ha! This is nothing! They didn't just lose a job (and then draw unemployment benefits) but they wondered if they were going to stay alive. Even the poor in America today would be considered very wealthy in most of history and in a lot of the world today.
Brock recommends writing down all of the positive things going for you and then working to implement changes in your own life first. There is no point in seeking sympathy or waiting for politicians to save the day when each of us can take steps right now to build upon the good things in life.

To Brock, a positive attitude is bound to help improve your business prospects. Do you agree? How important is attitude when it comes to boosting the bottom line?