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BBC's "Real Housewives of ISIS" sketch draws criticism

A BBC sketch comedy series called “Revolting” has critics agreeing with the name following the release of a controversial video.

In the sketch “Real Housewives of ISIS,” the series takes aim at the Islamic extremist group through a parody of the popular Bravo reality franchise, profiling British women who have left their homes to marry members of ISIS. 

The sketch opens with a woman, dressed in a hijab, complaining, “It’s only three days to the beheading and I’ve got no idea what to wear.” Later, awkwardness ensues when two cast-members arrive wearing identical suicide bomber vests. 

The video has drawn polarizing responses online, with many lambasting the series’ creators for trivializing a serious issue. But “Revolting” writers Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein remain undeterred. 

“It’s important not to pull your punches in satire,” Prowse told i News. You have to be fearless or it undermines your credibility. You can’t go after David Cameron for five years like we did and not go after Islamic State.”

“Revolting” premiered on BBC 2 Tuesday evening and also featured segments lampooning Brexit supporters.

Real Housewives of ISIS by Haram Archives on YouTube
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