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Bayer Triggers Scare With White Powder Sent Through Mail

Bayer sent 33,561 packets of white powder through the U.S. Postal Service in a promotion for aspirin, triggering a federal alert to local emergency services. According to the Boston Herald:

"Police departments are going to be inundated with calls about this. The anthrax scare is still fresh in people's minds," said Lawrence Police Chief John J. Romero. "After 9/11 it's a whole different ballgame, and I think the company should have probably realized it."
The white powder was Bayer's Quick Release Cystals, which Bayer is launching in the U.S. The aspirin may show as white powder as the envelopes travel though the postal system, the ProJo blog noted.

Authorities said the product was safe, and Bayer pointed out that the product came in a printed envelope with FDA information and coupons. A total of 178,000 envelopes will eventually be mailed.

The promotion ends May 29.

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