Bat-wielding suspect shot dead by police after apparent road rage incident

GREAT NECK, New York — An apparent road rage incident ended with the bat-wielding suspect being fatally shot by police in New York's Long Island Monday, reports CBS New York.

The incident happened around 10:30 a.m. The driver of a Volkswagen was at a stop sign and apparently refused to move forward. The drivers of two vans behind him honked their horns.

The suspect emerged from the Volkswagen carrying a baseball bat and began swinging, smashing the windshields of the vans, the station reports.

The driver of one the vans got out to confront the suspect and was reportedly hit in the head with the bat.

A Nassau County police officer on routine patrol came across the scene and confronted the suspect, along with a good Samaritan, the station reports. Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder told the station the officer Tased the suspect and ordered him to put the bat down several times, but the suspect hit the good Samaritan in the head with the bat and then turned on the officer, Ryder said.

"His last instruction was to put the bat down, and the officer had no other option but to fire," Ryder said.

The suspect was shot in the chest and later died at North Shore University Hospital. Two victims struck by the bat were also reportedly hospitalized.