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Twitter outrage over Baltimore protester's arrest

(Update: Joseph Kent was released by authorities late Wednesday and gave his first media interview to CBSN Thursday morning.)

Many are wondering the fate of prominent Baltimore activist Joseph Kent, who was arrested Tuesday evening as Baltimore's curfew went into effect.

Kent, 21, a well-known civil rights organizer in Baltimore, was trying to defuse the tensions between police and protesters before an armored truck pulled up and a team of National Guard troops rushed him.

CBS News caught up with Kent, who gained attention during the Baltimore protests of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Kent was widely credited with helping to keep those protests peaceful.

Joseph Kent (left) speaking with protesters before Baltimore's curfew CBS News

"I'm in control, I been in control of it," said Kent. "Yesterday it was out of my hand, but I been here. I understand where people coming from, but I also understand where they [police] coming from."

After protesters dispersed when the curfew began, Kent could be seen putting cones away after protesters left. He was known by some police officers at the scene and was even seen speaking with a few of them moments before his arrest.

But after his arrest, supporters of Joseph Kent erupted in protest on Twitter and speculated as to his whereabouts.

A spokesman with Maryland Correctional Services confirmed to CBS News that Kent has not been charged and wouldn't disclose how long he would be held.

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