Ballpark Bully Gets Foul Ball

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It wasn't fair.

A Texas Ranger fouls a baseball into the stands and bullying for a souvenir, a sweat-soaked 200-plus-pounder crashed into tiny 4-year-old Nick O'Brien, scaring the boy, upsetting his mother -- and the game announcers, too.

"Nice going, hold it up -- you should be real proud of yourself," said game announcer Tom Grieve.

"I was shocked," said Nick's mother Edie. "He was determined just to keep this ball and he didn't seem to care who he hit."

Angry fans taunted the villain to give the boy the ball.

"I say hand it over," Grieve said to the "fan."

"No thank you," he replied.

Edie O'Brien told CBS News Correspondent Bob McNamara, "Honestly, I couldn't believe it that he said no and I just kept thinking, well he really wants the ball..."

It was Cardinals player Reggie Sanders who intervened, giving Nick O'Brien a bat and ball. Ranger players had gifts, too.

Grieve asked Nick, "Whadaya think?"

"Cool. Cool, okay," he replied.

Today. while the saga of the ballpark bully replays on sports shows and talk radio coast to coast, The home of Jeff and Edie O'Brien has been turned into a television studio for a four-year-old celebrity who'd rather be taking a nap.