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Baby yoga woman is back with new video: Unsafe?

(CBS News) In 2011, Lena Fokina shocked the world when a video of her twirling and slinging his two week old baby from side to side went viral. She's back again, swinging a new infant in a new video by Barcroft TV.

Last year, Fokina told the Dadwagon blog that the dynamic gymnastics practice -- which was dubbed baby yoga -- gave children a boost in life. Other Russian parents echoed her sentiments, saying their children walked and swam earlier.

Still, many viewers were outraged, prompting YouTube to take the original video down because it was in violation of their policy of "shocking and disgusting content."

Baby yoga video is real and real scary, but safe?

Barcroft TV's new video, uploaded March 1, 2012, catches up with the 51-year-old yoga guru as she teaches parents in Dahab, Egypt the art of baby yoga. She's still dangling the infants by one arm or leg, while the children wail in glee or sheer terror, depending on who you believe.

And, now, she's teaching other eager parents how to do it themselves in her seminar called "Parenting the Deliberate Way." The eight day program costs about $400 per family, according to the Daily Mail.

"I think this is the best thing I can do to improve my child's health," one of Fokina's students told Barcroft TV.

However, some fear that the children will suffer from Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) or other ailments. Dr. Robert Young told BBC News last year that he isn't sure the claims of the benefits of baby yoga or real - or if the risk of injuring the child is worth it.

"The baby can slip, the baby can accidentally move when he's being twisted around and hit somebody's leg or furniture. That would be harmful in all cases," he said.

Fox News' Dr. Manny Alvarez put it bluntly when he wrote, "This lady is nuts," and that nobody should try to emulate this with their child.

What do you think of baby yoga?

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