Baby lizard loves herself some belly rubs

(CBS News) The little baby lizard named Mali seems to think she is a puppy. She just wants her mama to rub her cute, white belly. Now reptiles are not often described as cute or cuddly, but this lizard, which is technically a Uromastyx lizard, may change the rep of reptilians everywhere. Check out the video above posted by smplymaxx's channel that proves that all babies creatures just want a little TLC.

I mean, pretty darn adorable, right? She kicks and flails with glee every time her mother strokes her belly. YouTube user smplymaxx writes:

"Baby Mali uromastyx wants her belly rubbed. Every time you open her cage and wiggle your fingers she comes running, flips on her back and waves her arms around while you scratch her tummy. Cutest thing ever!!!"

It kind of makes me want to go out and get a pet lizard. But something tells me that his one may be unique in her actions, so I'll hold off for now and just watch the video for my daily dose of awww.