Baby giant panda meets its mother for the first time

(CBS News) It's been a while since we've posted some animal adorableness here on The Feed, and this one is a doozy, so get ready to ooh and ahhh. This video posted by the Taipei Zoo features the reunion of a giant baby panda and its mother. And it may be the sweetest thing you have seen in a very long while, watch it and you'll see -- oh, and to skip ahead to 1:10 for the actual union.

The mother panda named Yuan Yuan has been separated since from her baby for over a month since the its birth to prevent her from potentially smothering or eating the cub. But it's obvious that time means nothing when it comes to mothers and their babies. Yuan Yuan immediately scoops up the tiny panda and cuddles it closely. So seriously, have you ever seen anything so cute? (And I don't often use the word cute.)