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​Baby can't control his excitement for "Frozen," this week on The Feed!

Check out some of the week's best viral videos, courtesy of The Feed!
Check out some of the week's best viral video... 02:56

This week's most popular viral videos include a tiger leaping for its meal, a jet breaking the sound barrier, destroying a giant gummy bear, a beer pong playing robot, a Gaston pushup contest and a baby that really likes "Frozen."

First up, Maxime Dehaye shared this video of a tiger making an amazing leap to catch its meal.

Sonic Boom! In this fast-paced video from Military, an F/A 18-C breaks the sound barrier. To do that, you have to hit 770 mph. You're also gonna need about $50 million to buy one of your own.

Apparently, YouTube user carsandwater had no interest in eating his gigantic gummy bear. Instead, he douses it in liquid nitrogen and blows it to pieces with a shotgun, in this oddly entertaining video.

Empire Robotics posted this video of their robot VERSABALL, playing beer pong. But, it's good for a lot more than drinking games. Essentially, it's a green sandbag attached to a robot arm that performs hand-like tasks incredibly well. Everything from screwing in light bulbs, to building Legos, to picking up broken glass.

At "The Happiest Place on Earth," the actor playing Gaston, the self-obsessed villain from "Beauty and The Beast," is challenged to a pushup contest by a park visitor. Little did the challenger know, Gaston's muscles -- are not just padding in his suit. The bicep battle royale was posted YouTube by Blake Platt.

It's been well over a year since "Frozen" was released, and it seems as if it's only getting more popular. Just look at the impact it has on children in this video from Joe Bereta.

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