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Babies and Pancakes for Obama in S.D.

From CBS News' Allison O'Keefe:

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- Hoping to clinch the nomination in just a few days, Obama caught pancakes and held babies in this western state, set to hold their primary on Tuesday.

"Hey sweetie, do you know you are an Obama supporter?" he told little Kayleaonna Kelley as he took her off her grandmother's hands. "Yes you are. You are wearing an Obama sticker."

Despite continued headlines regarding the news that Michelle and Barack Obama have resigned their membership to Trinity United Church of Christ, Obama was in good spirits here where he spoke about veterans' health care and the GI bill.

Obama continues to point out to voters that McCain and President Bush do not support the recently passed GI bill, which would offer help for college tuition and housing for returning veterans. McCain believes the bill is too expensive and lacks incentives for reenlistment.

At this pancake brunch, Obama spent time visiting each and every table. "Great to see you. Thanks for your service," he repeated as he met various veterans. At one point someone handed him a cell phone to speak with a Republican voter. "All right I won't raise your taxes, I promise I"ll probably lower them," Obama told the caller.

Finally, Obama made his way to the industrial-sized pancake machine where Gregg White flipped the thin dollar pancakes quickly. He threw three of them in the air for Obama to catch with his styrofoam plate while multiple cameras clicked at lightning speed.

"Where is the butter and syrup?" Obama asked.

He shook hands with a group of volunteers, thanked them for their help and retreated from the cameras "All right guys, I don't want my pancakes getting cold now."

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