Aussies and New Yorkers don't speak same language

(CBS News) Turns out the language of love isn't quite so universal -- at least when it comes to fashion that is. In this light-hearted video for Bonds clothing created by actress Rachael Taylor ("666 Park Avenue," "Grey's Anatomy"), she shows what happens when two crushes meet on the street and have trouble deciphering what the other is saying... even though they're both speaking English. Taylor is Australian, her crush is a New Yorker, and apparently the two don't mix. Watch in the adorable video above.

Taylor, who stars in and directed the short film (which is the first of three short "Lost in Translation" spots), starts off by saying that she's practically in her undies, which isn't quite understood because apparently all New Yorkers call underwear "panties." (Not this girl though, she prefers the Aussie term.) And things only go down hill from there when the topic of sweatpants comes up -- you see Aussies call them "trackies" because they run in them, while Americans call them sweats "because we sweat in them," to which Taylor admits that she's a "face sweater," not a leg sweater -- whatever that means. (Awkward!)

It's all so funny because it's true, demonstrating the hilarious confusion that arises between different cultures, especially when it comes to guys and gals. The more Taylor tries to act cool in front of this dude she is obviously trying to impress (and by the way, he would be lucky to have her), the further she digs herself into an endearing hole of nervous awkwardness that is sure to brighten your day regardless of your gender.