Ask CBS News: Can Pakistan Still Be a Partner?

Ask CBS News July 27, 2010
In our ongoing "Ask CBS News" segment, we answer a question about Pakistan's role in the war in Afghanistan and its alleged relationship with the Taliban, and whether the Taliban can use the WikiLeaks documents to its advantage.

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The U.S. gives Pakistan billions of dollars in aid every year. In light of the information found in the WikiLeaks documents about Pakistan's relationship with the Taliban, a viewer asks: "Can Pakistan even be called a partner at this point?"

CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Chip Reid answers, "Well, despite all those claims in the WikiLeaks documents the White House says yes. Number one, they say because relations have improved significantly over the last year. Number two, they say because no other country has done as much to help the United States eliminate al Qaeda terrorists from the battlefield."

Another viewer asks: "To what extent do the leaked documents offer Taliban insurgents material for propaganda aimed at U.S. troops and our allies?"

CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin answers: "The documents contain reports of incidents in which U.S. forces caused civilian casualties. And the Taliban never misses a chance to blame that on Americans. So this will undoubtedly be more grist for their propaganda mill."

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