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As Democrat Race Ends, McCain Readies For General Election


From CBS News' John Bentley:

As the Democratic primary season finally winds to a close tonight, John McCain is not willing to cede the spotlight to either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Obama will speak tonight in St. Paul, Minnesota – not coincidentally, the site of the Republican National Convention in September – where he is expected to outline his general election strategy against McCain. Clinton is holding her "Election Night Celebration" in New York City, where her remarks will be closely watched to see if she will continue her fight for the nomination or concede to Obama.

McCain will be outside New Orleans, where he also has a prime time speech, planned for 9pm eastern tonight, designed to steal some of the Democrat's thunder and kickoff his general election strategy as well. McCain chose to give the speech in Louisiana because he plans to run on a platform of government reform, and will address the failed government policies during hurricane Katrina here to make his case.

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