Arrested man breaks out of jail, grabs a beer

Timothy Bonner allegedly broke out a western Pennsylvania jail after being arrested for assault, ducked into a bar for a beer, and got arrested again.
CBS Pittsburgh
(CBS/AP) BURGETTSTOWN, Pa. - Police say a western Pennsylvania man who broke out of a holding cell after he was arrested for assault stopped at a bar just minutes later and had a beer.

Washington County police say they were processing 40-year-old Smith Township resident Timothy Bonner when he knocked the cell door off its hinges and ran away.

Police say they had just removed Bonner's handcuffs and placed him in the cell, when he bolted.

Officers immediately began searching the area, and developed a lead that Bonner was at a nearby bar, Richy's.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, that's where they found him, drinking a beer.

Bonner was re-arrested and taken back to the Smith Township Police Department.

He's now facing additional charges, and remains in the Washington County Jail on $10,000 bond.