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Arrest Heats Up 1990 Texas Cold Case

Authorities say DNA evidence has helped them make an arrest in a nearly 20-year-old southeast Texas case where an 8-year-old girl was brutally attacked.

Police and FBI agents said Tuesday recently tested evidence lead them to arrest 40-year-old Dennis Bradford in connection with the 1990 assault in Dickinson.

CBS News correspondent Don Teague reported Bradford was arrested in North Little Rock, Ark., where he has lived the past seven years.

Police say Jennifer Schuett was taken from her family's apartment in Dickinson, about 30 miles southeast of Houston. She was taken to a remote location, where she was sexually assaulted and her throat cut. She was left for dead.

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Schuett, who was found 14 hours after the attack, couldn't speak, but described the man who assaulted her through handwritten notes. But the case didn't have a break, until now.

Chief Ron Morales of the Dickinson Police Department said Bradford, who lived just a few blocks from Schuett 19 years ago, was identified through DNA left at the crime scene.

Bradford's DNA was in criminal database because he served prison time for kidnapping, raping, and slashing the throat of a woman he met at a nightclub in 1996.

Schuett said, "I hope that my case serves as an example to all victims of violent crime."

Teague remarked that for Schuett, who regained her voice and never lost her will to live, it's a long awaited step toward justice for a crime she could never forget, and one that investigators never quit trying to solve.

"I stand here and want you all to know I am okay," Schuett said. "I am not a victim, but instead, victorious."

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