Arnold's affair: The elephant in the room

Lesley Stahl on asking Arnold Schwarzenegger the hard questions about his infidelities

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For her profile of Arnold Schwarzeneggerthis week, Lesley Stahl traveled around the world with the governor, with stops from Austria to the UK, from New Orleans to San Diego.

Schwarzenegger was "enormously charming" as a travel companion, says Stahl's producer Rich Bonin, and he often spoke of his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Maria Shriver, even showing the crew the spot where he'd proposed marriage to her in Austria. But during months of shooting for the 60 Minutes story, Schwarzenegger's affair with the family housekeeper was "the elephant in the room."

"I went all around the world with him," says Stahl. "And it never came up. He never brought it up, I never brought it up." Finally, at the end of Stahl's final interview with former Gov. Schwarzenegger, it became clear that the hard questions had to be asked. "He knew the time had come and I knew the time had come-- and we both did our jobs. Let's put it that way."