Arnold Schwarzenegger: Success and secrets

Arnold Schwarzenegger rose to the top in bodybuilding, movies, and politics, and then lost his marriage to infidelity

Stahl: So you have this relationship. And she keeps working in the house?

Schwarzenegger: Uh-huh. (affirm)

Stahl: Do you keep having the relationship?

Schwarzenegger: No. But, look, I have caused enough pain to everyone as it is, if it is my wife or my kids. So I don't want to reawaken and kind of talk about it because it's not going to help them. And I just want to protect them as much as I can.

Stahl: Well, I understand that. But you wrote it.

Schwarzenegger: No, no, the things that I wrote about I don't mind telling you.

Joseph was born almost the same time as Maria and Arnold's fourth child. A smiling Maria celebrated Joseph's christening, clearly unaware.

Stahl: Was he around the house?

Schwarzenegger: I've seen him many times, yes.

Stahl: You said he played with your kids when he was little.

Schwarzenegger: That's right, yeah.

Stahl: So now he's seven or eight and you take a look? Well, tell us--

Schwarzenegger: No, no. I was-- It just appeared to me there was something off, that he started looking like me. So that's when I kind of got it, that-- it was never discussed. But, I mean, I put the things together here.

Stahl: Did you ask her? Ask-- her name is Mildred. Did you ask Mildred?

Schwarzenegger: No, I didn't. But I felt like that I should take on the responsibility of taking care of him and her. And so I started taking care of Joseph financially and--

Stahl: Well, all of a sudden she starts getting money? No, you must have said, "I know, I want to take care of him." You never--

Schwarzenegger: No.

Stahl: Well, how does money start showing up?

Schwarzenegger: I gave it to her and she knew what it was about.

Stahl: Did you think that if you gave her money, that she wouldn't talk, like hush money?

Schwarzenegger: I don't think that Mildred was at all into talking. Mildred is a good person. She was not out to get me or to take advantage.

Stahl: You write, "I wanted Mildred to continue working in our home because I thought I could control the situation better that way." And I read that to mean that if she was in the house, you could make sure she wouldn't tell anybody.

Schwarzenegger: No. It was more that-- it will be the wrong thing to do, to let them go. And, not make her feel like she's being punished when I find out that this is my child.

Stahl: But she remained your housekeeper?

Schwarzenegger: That's right.