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Army Says Hasan Taken off Ventilator

A U.S. army spokesman says the man authorities say went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood has been taken off a ventilator but still remains in intensive care at a military hospital.

Spokesman Col. John Rossi told reporters on Saturday at Fort Hood that he is not sure if Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is able to communicate.

Hasan was shot during an exchange of gunfire during Thursday's attack, in which .

Special Section: Tragedy at Fort Hood

The military moved Hasan Friday to Brooke Medical Center in San Antonio, about 240 kilometres southwest of Fort Hood. Army officials have said Hasan is "not able to converse."

CBS News has learned that Hasan visited his mosque the morning of the attack. He reportedly had dinner the night before with Imam Syed Ahmed Ali, the imam at his mosque, and others. Ali said there was nothing strange about Hasan's behavior at dinner or at the mosque.

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