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Are Your Halloween Costumes Safe?

Halloween is right around the corner and kids are getting ready to dress up. But is your child's costume safe?

"Early Show" consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen put some popular costumes to the test.

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Koeppen said a big hazard on Halloween is costumes catching on fire because of candles in pumpkins. And while Halloween costumes must meet federal flammability standards, Koeppen said that doesn't mean the costumes won't burn.

With the help of Underwriters Laboratories, a product compliance organization, Koeppen set several costumes on fire using candles and lighters. All of them are currently on store shelves and were purchased from popular retailers.

To see how some popular costumes made of various fabrics performed under the flame and hear Koeppen's safety tips for homemade costumes, click on the video below.

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