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Are You a "Cyber Monday" or "Black Friday" Type?

Last Thanksgiving, after an autumn of total market chaos, no one knew up from down. This Thanksgiving, well, at the very least, let's be thankful that we've learned to live with the recession.

Which leads us to this holiday season's 437.6 Billion Dollar Question: Will American shoppers still bust down the doors this weekend for all those ridiculous deals?

As my BNET colleague Sean Silverthorne reports, consumers are expecting big discounts during the start of the holiday shopping season and retailers will have to compete for every customer. Luckily for the nation's shopkeepers, the National Retail Federation is forecasting that 57 million Americans will shop on "Black Friday," eight million more than last year.
But "Black Friday," that infamous day after Thanksgiving, isn't the only major shopping day in the coming week anymore. 87.1 percent of retailers will also run promotions on "Cyber Monday" for all those bargain hunters who shop around online right after the Thanksgiving weekend.

I'll be away on Wednesday and Thursday of this week but I'll be back to check your comments on "Black Friday." Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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