Are robots taking over sign spinning advertising?

(CBS News) For decades, sign-spinning in front of restaurants and stores has been a cheap and easy enticement to get attention. Why just last month we saw an amazing example of the old advertising method turned into an art form. But I suppose that was last month. Because now we're seeing what might be the beginning of the end for this tradition in the video above. Take a look.

"Dey turk err jurbs!" For those who don't recognize the references made in the background by the videographer in this rather bizarre video posted by YouTube user Stealing Axion (and quoted by yours truly), it comes from a 2004 episode of South Park. 

So am I the only one who finds this life-like, (not even) sign-spinning robot a bit creepy, especially up close? And what exactly does this technology mean for sign spinners across the nation? As always, feel free to leave me some comment love below with your thoughts.