​Are companies that value employees more successful?

It's a place where Flyers like Mary Kate Venturini live by the Little Red Rule.

Which is? "That every time we touch people's lives, they will feel great about Radio Flyer," she said.

It's a place where feedback is as important as innovation.

Before you pass all of this off as the latest management fad, consider this: Over the past 10 years, said Pasin, Radio Flyer has grown the company by three times.

Levering says it's not a theory; it's real: "These companies that we talk about, you know, the Radio Flyer or Whole Foods and so on, these are real companies with real people that are doing things in a way that succeeds. That's a message that companies can get."

A post-script to the Market Basket fight: Late Wednesday, the board agreed to a $1.5 billion deal, in which Arthur T. will buy out his cousin, Arthur S.

Instead of demonstrating, the employees have been out celebrating -- and are already back on the job.

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