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Archie Parnell, South Carolina Democrat, channels Frank Underwood in campaign ad

WASHINGTON -- A South Carolina Democrat is channeling the fictional "House of Cards" character Francis -- "Frank" -- Underwood in a new advertisement for the state's congressional race.

The ad opens with the show's ominous theme song, then cuts to Archie Parnell, a former tax attorney for the Department of Justice who is running to fill Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney's vacant seat. Speaking to voters, he says that he knows both how to create jobs and "enough about our U.S. tax code to bore you to tears."

"And I also know a few other things," Parnell says as he turns his head to the camera -- in the same style as Underwood in the Netflix series.

Like Underwood, he offers viewers advice.

"Never slap a man chewing tobacco," Parnell says, wearing a tuxedo. "Always read the fine print," he adds, in a nod to one of Underwood's favorite pastimes.

Archie Parnell: A Matador For You (HOC) by Archie Parnell for Congress on YouTube

Parnell also throws jabs at U.S. President Donald Trump.

"The President of the United States fired the FBI director. That actually happened, it's not on the show," Parnell says, looking into the camera, and referring to the recent firing of James Comey.

"Donald Trump shared classified info with the Russians inside the Oval Office. Yup, that's a thing too," he says, referring to reports that Mr. Trump shared "highly classified" intelligence earlier this month with Russian diplomats.

Parnell ends the parody at a desk flanked by flags, promising voters he will be "a matador for you" as he taps his signet ring twice on the desk, mirroring Underwood's signature sign-off.

The Democrat tells supporters in the ad that "Washington shouldn't actually be like House of Cards."

He has, though, received approval from members of the show's cast, including Michael Kelly, who plays Underwood's chief of staff, Doug Stamper.

"Ok it's official I love this guy," Kelly tweeted.

The ad is particularly timely given that "House of Cards" premiered its fifth season on Tuesday.

The Netflix drama chronicles character Underwood's dark and complex rise from the ranks of the Congress to the White House. On the show, Underwood hails from the same district that Parnell is looking to represent in reality.

Parnell faces off against Republican Ralph Norman in the special election on June 20.

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