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April in Review | BTalk


Phil Dobbie
(Episode 733: 8 minutes 32) Listen on iTunes
There were some interesting questions raised on BTalk in April.
  • Rachel Botsman asked whether, in the near future, we will borrow as much as we buy. Could companies that produce goods, switch to become service companies?
  • Carla Ferraro challenged Aussie retailers to become greener --- not for altruistic reasons, simply because it's good for the brand. People like to buy from companies that care for the environment.
  • Mark Bouris gave us his five tips for success, including employing people who are proprietors. They'll have your interests at heart, but having too many free thinkers can lead too a mutiny.
  • Anthony Moss said Aussie companies will benefit from the experience of exporting. It can add to the lifetime of your product. And a good place to start, he suggests, is New Zealand.
  • A group of regular LinkedIn users share their tips for getting more out of the business networking site.
  • Finally, in this summary podcast you'll hear from David Freedman, who says business has had a big part to play in the obesity epidemic. Now it needs to help fix the problem.
I hope you got something out of our podcasts over the last month --- and feel free to leave comments about what you'd like to hear on the program.

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