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Another 10 tricks that will impress your friends (or win you bets)

(CBS News) It was about a year ago that we posted here on The Feed a great compilation of tricks you could do that would undoubtedly impress your friends. And now that you've likely used them all up, we've got another set for you to learn in the above video. Click play and take notes. 

Okay, the toilet one was a bit gross, but the others were great.  And while I knew a few, some were totally new to me.  How about you?  Leave me some comment love below with your thoughts.

Now, of course, instead of impressing people, you could use this knowledge for more nefarious means, as the title implies ("Another 10 bets you will always win"). But what you end up doing with this information is totally up to you, we here at The Feed are not judging. The very creative collection of science-meets-magic fun was created by Richard Wiseman (aka Quirkology), who has more amazing videos just like this at his YouTube page that you can check out by clicking here.

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